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Volvo | Meet the S90

The all-new Volvo S90 is the essence of luxury and functionality. A luxury that seamlessly blends beautiful design with cutting-edge innovation and sophisticated technology. This is the next generation of Volvo Cars. In partnership with The Drive and Time Inc Studios, Vacationland helmed the production of 30 pieces of custom video content, in New York and Sweden, centered around the release of Volvos all new semiautonomous S90 luxury sedan.

Director: Kalim Armstrong

Producer: Nicholas Weissman

Producer: Amy Dempsey | Justine Simonson

Editor: Liz Deegan | Faisal Azam

Client: Volvo

Agency: Time Inc Studios | MindShare

Meet the S90 | Driving Dynamics
A good car should adapt to the driver. From multiple drive modes to an innovative all-wheel-drive technology, the S90 acclimates to the way you drive to keep you safe and improve your driving experience.