Client: HP

Photographer: James Ryang 

Sprout by HP is a creativity station with a dual screen workspace, built in 3D scanner and depth sensor, an interactive projector display and a unique suite of apps designed to unlock the creative process and bridge the gap between real-world objects and digital creations. To mark the release of this unconventional take on computing, we invited online video artist Jig, new-media artist Matt Starr, Chromat fashion designer Becca McCharen, graphic designer and author Adam J. Kurtz and photographer Jerm Cohen to our studio to experience Sprout for the first time.



Live in Levi's

Client: ExtraExtra Creative/Levi's

Photographer: James Ryang, Eric Thayer, Ramsay De Give, Gary He

The Live In Levi’s® campaign celebrates our favorite jeans—those trusty, go-to garments that stick with us through the myriad of memorable moments that make up our lives. And after Tuesday night’s thrilling Live in Levi’s® launch party, we can add another one of those great times to the list.

Throngs of Brooklynites and non-Brooklynites, all clad in their favorite Levi’s®, gathered at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park for an amazing evening of food, drink, friends and of course, music. Donning a Levi’s® article of clothing was a prerequisite for entry. Considering the iconic products spotted at the event—from skinny jeans to western shirts to trucker jackets—it was clear that the dress code was almost as big a hit as the musicians who graced the stage.




Client: Converse

Photographer: Kalim Armstrong/Nicholas Weissman 

Today’s basic, modern tailoring merges with sportswear in cool and collected looks of luxury. Known for their effortlessly polished and casual designs, the Converse Jack Purcell collection releases Jack Purcell Salt Wash Stripes, Jack Purcell Tortoise, and Jack Purcell Shibori, an updated version of their classic pieces; introducing sophisticated versatility for work and play.

Taking a cue from the timeless Jack Purcell sneaker, the polished blazers, pique polos and relaxed essentials include subtle, unique details of charm and wit. Crossing from the court to the gentlemen’s lounge, these are curated pieces for a well-loved wardrobe.




Client: Audible.Com - Amazon

Photographer: Nicholas Weissman 

With the goal of creating a diverse branding photography collection, we set out to capture the nostalgia of listening on a variety of different devices in an array of real-life situations.

Through doc style imagery with 40 models in three countries we strove to create the face behind the brand. 



KOHLER - The Art of Inspiration

Client: Time Inc

Photographer: Nicholas Weissman 

As a gesture to the craftsmanship of Kohlers luxury line of kitchen and bath fixtures, Time Inc Content Solution partnered to create and document 5 artists as they create their own interpretations of the products in a series entitled "The Art of Inspiration." 



Hollander and Lexer

Client: Hollander and Lexer

Photographer: Nicholas Weissman 

Hollander and Lexer has long been known as one of the premiere boutique clothing brands in Brooklyn. With two stores in NYC, Hollander serves the worldly and masculine clientele with dark, organic colors that frame the face and subtly accentuate the surroundings.

Capturing the color and starkness of the coming fall, we laid a complimentary backdrop the the beautiful clothing.




Photographer: Kalim Armstrong, Nick Weissman

- USMNT vs. JAM World Cup Qualifier
- SF Nike Women's Marathon
- Fishing with Clint Dempsey
- Nike+ Fuelband SE Launch NYC



The FeverFew

Photographer: Nicholas Weissman 

The Feverfew is a band based in Brooklyn, NY, known for their challenging lyrics, complex harmonies, and stark acoustic sound. The band has been compared to Red House PaintersCat Power, and Mazzy Star. Bethany Walk-Spiers, formerly of the bands Sleep Station and Morgan Storm, formed The Feverfew in 2003, mainly as a vehicle for her new solo material. Officially, the band consisted of Spiers and Jonathon Linaberry, but several other musicians contributed to the band's first album, 2004'sApparitions, released by Eyeball Records.