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RANDOM ACTS // Live Like Lions

Director: Carlos Carneiro

Editor: Mitchell Tolliday

Agency: On Plate Still Hungry

Based in Peckham, a cultural and creative melting pot in south London, Blenheim Forge is the steel workshop of three young British artisans. Coupled with the score of Franz Shubert, the trio display balletic precision as they brave through the grit and heat of the forging process, in the pursuit of creating high quality chef knives. 

🏆 Winner of Best Documentary at Selby International Short Film Festival 2017

On Plate Still Hungry is the side project from director Carlos Carneiro.



Random Acts is Channel 4's (UK) short film strand dedicated to the arts,
founded in 2011 to escape the conventions of arts broadcasting and to expand its possibilities.

Live Like Lions is a Channel 4 + Protein commission featuring artists from the Earnest Endeavours record label:
Widows (LA) + Darkhouse Fam (Cardiff) + The Insomniax (London).

Producer: Carlos Carneiro
Director: Terence Teh
Editor: Mitchell Tolliday
Agency: On Plate Still Hungry